Helheim – Rignir

Pioneers of Norwegian Viking metal Helheim have been proudly representing their Norse heritage through music and lyrics for over two decades and the tenth album “Rignir” is filled with darkly melancholic feelings inspired by the weather in Bergen.

The exquisite melodic essence of the title track is certainly fueled by an inner melancholia and guitars shift from tranquil harmonies to increasingly darker distorted riffs maintaining utterly somber tonalities just like  the crestfallen emotions expressed by the clean vocals.

On “Kaldr” you can perceive a primal rhythmic approach as guitars acquire blackened elements following a faster & darker rhythm that will eventually embrace a folk oriented melodic ensemble with lovely atmospheric nuances and elegant melancholic guitar leads.

“Hagl” begins with gorgeous dreamy guitar phrases and serene vocals creating an idyllic soundscape but later there is a change of pace as the rhythm becomes harsh with a series of intense blackened guitar riffs accompanied by a dramatic vocal delivery channeling solemn Viking metal vibes.

The magical guitar melodies of “Stormviðri” cannot go unnoticed constantly channeling sheer wintry melancholia with an overdose of gloomy instrumental passages flowing gently through understated atmospheric waves emphasized by the majestic passionate clean vocals that will occasionally evolve into tormented growls.  

Once again the alluring strength of “Vetrarmegin” comes from the refined melodic guitar leads yet the rhythmic patterns here can also offer fiery blackened elements and consequently generate an obscure mood definitely amplified by the borderline ferocious growls.

Celebrating a genuine devotion for Norse heritage and the beauty of nature, “Rignir” successfully depicts gloomy autumn days and gelid winter nights as Helheim confidently combine an aggressive rhythmic approach with sophisticated melodic tapestries.  

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