Enforcer – Zenith

Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer took longer than usual to create with total freedom the big & loud new album “Zenith” which showcases a proper old school songwriting approach and a pure passion for the glorious era of ‘80s metal and hard rock.

“Die For The Devil” is such a fun track filled with catchy guitar licks that lead to a groovy rhythmic section while at times an inner nostalgia triggers bittersweet melodic moments enhanced by heartfelt vocals.

The mood gets slightly darker and maybe even more serious with “Zenith Of The Black Sun” as the guitar work can successfully deliver somber melodies as well as quite bombastic riffage and glamorous soloing while Olof Wikstrand deserves the spotlight for his charismatic vocals.

“Searching For You” is clearly inspired by old school speed metal as a tight series of crunchy guitar riffs diligently follows galloping rhythmic blasts leading to a full blown flamboyant guitar solo that will grab your attention.

The strong spirit of heavy metal is at the core of “The End Of A Universe” with the addition of  major epic vibes channeling familiar power metal dynamics through steady polished guitar riffs and impressive high pitch vocals.

Blasting another round of entertaining epic grooves “Forever We Worship The Dark” relies on soaring guitar riffs and a vibrant sing along chorus that once again emphasizes Olof’s vocal abilities.

“Ode To Death” marks a majestic conclusion for the album evoking darker feelings through refined guitar melodies that gracefully surround Olof’s fervent vocal delivery and will later evolve into a massive heavy metal ensemble spiced up by another inflamed guitar solo marching through the solemn atmospheric nuances.

“Zenith” is an explosive collection of heavy metal anthems clearly dedicated to fans of such classic style and certainly you will immediately notice that Enforcer pay homage to this timeless genre with pride and devotion.


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