Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion

It took three decades but death metal masters Possessed are finally back with the new merciless full length “Revelations Of Oblivion”, written by founder Jeff Becerra and his partner in crime Guitarist Daniel Gonzalez promising a memorable ride through hellfires.

“No More Room In Hell” dwells within an asphyxiating sonic realm where the old school death metal dynamics are certainly prominent just like the listeners would expect so get ready for an overdose of ravenous screams and crushing guitar driven grooves.

The punishing drum blasts of “Dominion” seem unstoppable leading to abrasive rhythmic patterns that demand an instant mosh pit with relentless sharp guitar riffs and an explosive soloing.  

“Demon” is another hellish track where guitars march fiercely through the bold thrash inspired rhythmic segments that will occasionally slow down just to amplify the bottomless obscurity with killer guitar licks.

On “Abandoned” you will certainly notice the massive ruthless drumming fueled by a primal energy perfectly matched by the technical accents of the frenetic guitar work which effortlessly shift from brutally fast riffage to fancy soloing.

The mysterious atmospheric intro of “Shadowcult” introduces thunderous rhythmic progressions filled with monstrous guitar riffs obviously following a quite frantic tempo while vocals evoke sinister vibes more than ever.

On “Omen” some devilish epic textures embellish the classic death metal structure and at times tempo slows down a bit to enhance the groovy aspects of the impressive guitar work that offers even some melodic elements within the majestic solo.

“The Word” relies on a nightmarish rampage with utterly savage drumming and viciously energetic guitar riffs but once again the guitar solos will please the listeners with charismatic shredding and tasteful melodic phrases.

Undoubtedly “Revelations Of Oblivion” symbolizes a diabolical renaissance for Possessed and despite so many years of inactivity on this anticipated album they confidently demonstrate to deserve a solid spot in the modern extreme metal scene.

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