Diamond Head – The Coffin Train

Known as New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers Diamond Head have inspired countless bands and their explosive music journey that started back in 1976 continues today with an excellent line up on the brand new full length “The Coffin Train”.

“Belly Of The Beast” relies on electrifying guitar driven grooves to amplify the classic heavy metal headbangers friendly approach and the consequent catchy vibes plus there are some thrilling guitar leads that will certainly grab your attention.

“The Messenger” might seem less bombastic but offers plenty of memorable rhythmic dynamics supporting the variegated & energetic guitar soloing as well as the inner heavy metal spirit of the song always emphasized by the skillful musicianship and the charismatic vocal delivery.

The title track still features many groovy moments yet gets a bit nostalgic with some calmer refined melodic crescendos and comforting vocal harmonies as vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen tends to steal the spotlight showcasing an impressive range and a truly passionate performance.

“The Sleeper” marks another highlight of this album as contemplative guitar melodies introduce a sophisticated sonic ensemble where this time the energetic guitar riffage is enriched by the darkened melancholic allure of the majestic atmospheric arrangements and understated epic vibes.

The structure of “The Phoenix” balances the mellow tonalities of the soothing guitar melodies and the raw energy provided by the crunchy riffs following a catchy mid tempo rhythmic section  embellished by the dazzling crispy guitar solos.

The album’s fascinating grand finale comes with “Until We Burn” as subtle atmospheres surround an impeccable mixture of captivating sorrowful guitar melodies and bold riffs leading to opulent epic rhythmic segments accompanied by deeply melancholic vocals.

At this point in time “The Coffin Train” might not sound innovative as the classic albums that cemented the legacy of Diamond Head but it still incarnates a powerful sonic experience that should not be overlooked.

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