Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice

In the underground metal scene Cleveland’s metallic hardcore band Ringworm is known for the ferocious music style that leads to the untamed rage behind the 8th studio album “Death Becomes My Voice”.

The title track sounds extremely dark and hostile focusing on a belligerent rhythmic rampage full of relentless bold guitar riffs and merciless drumblasts plus the vocals add some chaotic despair to such aggressive dynamics.

On “Acquiesce” chunky guitars add some slower incisive variations channeling a substantial thrash metal force with the right dose of sharp riffs that this time don’t require an excessive speed to make an impact.

“Dead To Me” relies on steady savage guitar riffs to build punishing rhythmic patterns maintaining a fierce darkened mood with the addition of catchy soloing while the inner fury is fully expressed by the insanely vicious screams.

On “Dying By Design” the guitar work is once again fundamental in the creation of unrestrained inflamed rhythmic segments deeply influenced by classic thrash & death metal and spontaneously reach utterly chaotic moments.

“Final Division” hits you in the face with persistent punishing guitar riffs and oppressive vibes but almost gives you time to breathe with an entertaining somber breakdown amplified by the mighty sludge tonalities of the guitar solo.

Since thirty years Ringworm are dedicated to the most brutal aspects of thrash metal & hardcore so without special effects or surprises “Death Becomes My Voice” delivers the overdose of straightforward enraged grooves that fans would expect.

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