Saint Vitus – Saint Vitus

With a forty years career Saint Vitus are still considered the godfathers of American doom metal and in fact the latest eponymous full length aims to reconfirm such status representing the band’s classic music style with the return of vocalist Scott Reagers.

“Remains” stays true to the band’s signature doom style as guitars hold an essential role with monolithic riffs following a dramatic slow rhythm section that also allows the vivid vocal delivery and the eclectic guitar solo to stand out.

“Bloodshed” begins with enigmatic bass lines followed by powerful guitar driven grooves that feel more energetic despite the somber weight of the doom tonalities while the guitar leads always add acidic dynamics.

“12 Years In The Tomb” delivers another round of cohesive and even catchy grooves filled with doom laden guitar riffs yet everything changes with the experimental approach of the extra fuzzy guitar solo that could even make you feel dizzy.

Undoubtedly the main guitar riffs of “Hour Glass” properly symbolize the band’s doom legacy leading to heavy grooves that don’t need any special effect to grab your attention and the passionate vocals match the general crestfallen mood.

The soundscape of “Last Breath” almost feels nightmarish due to the insanely heavy & obscure nature of the monumental guitar riffs and the haunting vocals further emphasize such darker tonalities yet the massive rhythmic section will deliver some groovy moments around the spacey guitar soloing.

A band like Saint Vitus has no interest to adapt to any current trends and even after so many years the strength of their music still relies on the authentic doom metal approach that you can immediately perceive listening to this new self-titled album.

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