Scardust – Sands Of Time

Scardust is a new band from Israel eager to grab your attention making their official debut in the metal scene with the album “Sands Of Time” on which they skillfully mix multiple subgenres with a striking symphonic flair and elaborate prog dynamics. 

“Overture” opens the album with the classical splendor of strings and sumptuous orchestrations and you can immediately perceive the detailed songwriting that will lead to a variegated instrumental ensemble featuring major guitar shredding and intriguing rhythmic variations performed in prog metal fashion.

With massive epic vibes “Dials” follows the successful symphonic metal formula offering opulent symphonic layers, solemn choirs and flawless operatic vocals yet often deviates with unexpected jazzy tonalities and fancy technical guitar progressions. 

“Hourglass” focuses on delicate melancholia infused guitar melodies accompanied by the enchanting voice of Noa Gruman that here and throughout the entire album showcases a truly versatile delivery while the instrumental work is also full of surprises mixing different styles and acquiring heavier dynamics around the complex guitar phrases.  

The title track has a minimalist beginning with fragile piano melodies and poignant vocals but will soon embrace vivid symphonic tapestries enhanced by stunning operatic vocals & choirs leading to a full blown majestic piece. 

Featuring guest vocalist Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land “Out Of Strong Came Sweetness” certainly stands out for the ardent vocal duet which also matches the contrasting tonalities generated by the passionate melodic passages and the heavier rhythmic bursts with crunchy guitar riffs that often lead to darker groovy vibes. 

“Blade” can sound a bit romantic as Noa is joined by guest vocalist Jake E of Cyhra for a rather emotional duet which becomes the main focus surrounded by accessible polished melodic crescendos and soothing atmospheric arrangements. 

It’s a pleasure to see another metal band coming from Israel and certainly the cultural background of Scardust influences their music style leading to the evident diversity that characterizes the debut release “Sands Of Time” but it’s also clear that these songs will attract all lovers of symphonic metal. 


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