Silence In The Snow – Levitation Chamber

Silence In The Snow is the joint effort of guitarist/vocalist Cyn M. and drummer Trevor DeSchryver (Wolves in the Throne Room, Lycus, Dispirit, ex-Deafheaven) and the result of this collaboration comes to life through the dreamy sonic experience of the sophomore release “Levitation Chamber”. 

“Time Will Tell You Nothing” puts a spell on you with a darkened cinematic soundscape featuring otherworldly vocals that gently guide you through monochromatic atmospheric waves filled with dreamy vibes and intense melancholia. 

On “Smoke Signals” a mix of gothic tinged guitar tonalities and catchy drumming creates a more energetic rhythm surrounded by understated atmospheric arrangements and the vulnerable emotions expressed by the spellbinding vocals. 

“In The Dark” once again puts the spotlight on the cathartic vocal delivery accompanied by the fragile atmospheric layers and the minimalist darkened melodic tapestries so everything flows like a lovely midsummer daydream. 

“Dread The Low” welcomes you to an ethereal sonic realm where blurry instrumental crescendos and scattered luminous harmonies emphasize the minimalist approach and the emotional drive of Cyn’s passionate vocals will captivate the listeners. 

With its inner emotional turmoil and the evocative melodies “Levitation Chamber” has the power to relax the listeners and Silence In The Snow are confidently evolving into a unique sonic entity within the current music scene. 

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