The 69 Eyes – West End

We all know The 69 Eyes as the Helsinki Vampires that conquered our cold hearts with their unforgettable goth ‘n’ roll and the new album “West End” sounds like the best way to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. 

The album opener “Two Horns Up” might surprise some fans with the signature growls of guest vocalist Dani Filth of Cradle Of Filth that actually fit perfectly the ghastly mood of the song which also offers plenty of classic goth dynamics embodied by Jyrki’s baritone delivery and decadent atmospheric layers through the dense rock rhythmic sections filled with extra catchy guitar riffs & sultry melodies. 

“27 & Done” was released as the first single probably due to the darkly addictive chorus and it’s certainly a track that incarnates the band’s rock soul with the highly entertaining guitar work flourishing under a shroud of authentic nostalgia enhanced by the somber keyboards arrangements. 

The glorious spirit of goth ‘n’ roll is glowing on “Black Orchid” through an exciting blend of melancholic atmospheric nuances, cool guitar driven grooves and glamorous melodic licks always enriched by Jyrki’s irresistible vocals. 

“Burn Witch Burn” is a gloomy fairytale that relies on a shimmering melodic core and a memorable chorus surrounded by the enjoyable guitar riffs that ensure a constant fun groove in proper classic rock fashion. 

Featuring guest vocalists Wednesday 13 and Calico Cooper from Beastö Blancö “The Last House On The Left” pays homage to a cult horror movie in fact this would be the perfect soundtrack for a Halloween party as everything gets rather spooky with a groovy mix of horrorpunk rhythmic bursts, bouncy guitar riffs and creepy atmospheric accents. 

“Death & Desire” has a ravishing darkly romantic mood so the rhythm slows down allowing the bittersweet guitar tonalities to create intensely nostalgic waves emphasized by the poignant emotions expressed by the poetic vocal delivery. 

Conveying an immense melancholic depth “Hell Has No Mercy” will impress the listeners for the alluring bluesy tonalities as once again guitars successfully craft absolutely catchy & heartfelt melodies around Jyrki’s haunting vocal performance. 

Once again The 69 Eyes prove to be one of the most passionate bands out there, staying true to their unconditional love for goth ‘n’ roll that has nothing to do with any given trendy subgenres and right now in the chaotic music scene “West End” symbolizes a deliciously darkened work of music that easily defies time and space. 

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