Thief – Map Of Lost Keys

Known for his work with the experimental black metal band Botanist, Dylan Neal has created the haunted electronic project Thief inspired by sacred chant music and the sophomore album “Map Of Lost Keys” definitely has a distinct mystical flair.  

The mood of “Frost Breath” shifts from calm spacey moments to anguished atmospheric crescendos emphasized by mysterious electro accents and somber vocals. 

“Pyromancy” often feels like an esoteric experience with distant filtered chants emerging through blurry atmospheric waves and claustrophobic electro beats entwined with noise elements. 

The slow monochromatic rhythm of “With Love, From Nihil” evokes a fragile serenity as the synths craft melancholy infused atmospheres with an evident gothic inspiration accompanied by fragile whispers. 

“Unsafe” again relies on multilayered atmospheric arrangements surrounding ethereal dreamy melodies that will eventually reach a rhythmic acme with increasingly urgent electronic beats. 

“Without A Master” has a darkened aura that influences the wistful atmospheric tapestries until everything becomes a bit chaotic with unexpected harsh noise accents. 

“Spirit Archery” feels more intricate with an intense spiritual energy that naturally generates trippy moments combining smooth eerie harmonies, hazy classical chants and evidently darker electronic segments. 

The experimental drive behind “Map Of Lost Keys” showcases the intriguing sonic evolution of Thief leading to enigmatic soundscapes and surprising catchy electro beats that can certainly appeal to a niche audience. 

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