Mayhem – Daemon

Once again the mighty Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem confidently arise from the darkest depths and invite you to enter the insidious sonic realm of the new offering “Daemon”, an album that probably will be remembered for the complex structures and the overwhelming obscurity. 

“The Dying False King” hits you in the face with malevolent fast tremolo riffs and the consequent magnetic blackened momentum leads to total darkness even when the tempo slows down drastically to emphasize the song’s dramatic depth and the devilish vibes of Attila’s growls. 

“Agenda Ignis” can sound simply ferocious as the precise drumming dictates insane speed yet there’s space for diverse intriguing rhythmic dynamics and the guitar work aims to impress with alluring darkened melodies drawing energy from the intense haunting tonalities. 

The enigmatic aura of “Malum” is incarnated in the esoteric vocal delivery and its theatrical expression of pain and anger while the guitar phrases can easily channel immense sinister vibes lingering through the ravenous rhythmic patterns that rightfully belong to the realm of classic black metal. 

“Aeon Daemonium” is a memorable hymn to darkness filled with the shattering ominous instrumental tonalities and the slower tormented guitar harmonies that surround desperate laments and hellish growls fueled by the cold energy provided by the faster menacing rhythmic core.  

The arcane chanting on “Daemon Spawn” continues to convey an intoxicating theatrical allure and the consequent spiritual aura is further enhanced by the intricate guitar work that often focuses on the creation of hypnotic melodic waves in contrast with the full blown blackened rhythmic force.

The chaotic essence of “Everlasting Dying Flame” relies on a solid series of brutal rhythmic segments so the primordial black metal roots feel particularly dominant yet guitars have the ability to diversify such traditional sonic onslaught with bewitching gelid melodies. 

“Black Glass Communion” reminds you that this might be the darkest album of the year as the savage guitar riffs emerge straight from a hellish abyss and will continue to march fiercely through the perilous blackened grooves embellished by aptly mysterious vocals.  

For the true acolytes listening to the new diabolical opus “Daemon” becomes a ritual and at this point of their glorious career Mayhem know exactly how to express the darkest feelings while staying true to their crucial legacy and at the same time following an ex novo creative force. 


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