Une Misère – Sermon

Emerging from the burgeoning Icelandic metal scene Une Misère aim to grab your attention with an interesting mixture of violent grooves and darkened emotions on the debut album “Sermon”.

On “Sin & Guilt” intense ominous tonalities influence the guitar work that hits you in the face with relentless riffage and the resulting grooves are characterized by menacing precise rhythmic segments.

The title track amplifies a sense of impending doom as guitars develop particularly obscure tonalities leading to a gloomy introspective momentum but you can rest assured that the rhythmic section is always ready to deliver ferocious heavy progressions. 

Hints of pure melancholia can be perceived throughout “Overlooked / Disregarded” in fact guitars craft some cold melodies surrounded by subtle atmospheric layers while the ravenous growls channel massive hardcore energy during the faster rhythmic grooves. 

The wintry mood of “Fallen Eyes” generates darkly soothing arpeggios and peaceful clean vocals focus on an emotional delivery yet guitars will soon return to unstoppable gritty riffs following a rather hostile rhythmic assault. 

You can feel the inner torment of “Failures” within the angered ensemble of crushing guitar riffs, monolithic bass lines and merciless drumming plus such belligerent approach is always amplified by the ruthless screams. 

“Voiceless” offers an increasingly darker atmospheric aura that emphasizes the psychological weight and the consequent anguish while the savage guitar driven grooves accompanied by an overdose of sharp screams successfully channel a serious will to keep fighting. 

Certainly all over “Sermon” you will find strong hardcore elements leading to intense rhythmic patterns yet the sonic pathway chosen by Une Misère is also fueled by a blackened force that matches the themes revolving around existential struggles. 

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