Gatecreeper – Deserted

Arizona based death metallers Gatecreeper made a strong debut back in 2016 but now it’s time to raise the bar with the crushing dynamics and the insane energy of the sophomore album “Deserted”. 

On the title track there is an irresistible mournful doom flair courtesy of slow monolithic guitar riffs that ultimately embrace the hostile death metal elements confidently channeled by the ravenous growls and the massive violent rhythmic blasts. 

“Puncture Wounds” sounds more straightforward with an overdose of sharp guitar riffs diligently following a malevolent faster tempo that amplifies the mighty death metal grooves triggering a headbanging momentum. 

On “From The Ashes” there are some darkened vibes and major doom influences that shape the prominent role of the lead guitars allowing some enjoyable gloomy melodic aspects to naturally flourish within the merciless rhythmic maze. 

“Sweltering Madness” follows a similar belligerent framework as the growls seem to emerge from hellish depths yet everything becomes more interesting when guitars add an immense sense of despair with doom oriented licks. 

On “Boiled Over” guitars acquire sinister tonalities leading to intense melodic textures and demanding a slightly slower yet quite venomous rhythmic force resulting in an anguished sonic realm enhanced by the sheer despair of the potent growls. 

Without necessarily sacrificing the death metal essence “Absence Of Light” focuses on fervent doom laden patterns as guitars unleash monumental ominous riffs amplifying a dramatic depth and creating an extremely desolate atmosphere. 

As you will immediately notice Gatecreeper have solid roots inspired by classic doom and the big names in the Floridian and Swedish death metal scene so faithful acolytes of such influential genres will be fatally attracted by the aggressive grooves of “Deserted”. 

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