Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

We all know Lindsay Schoolcraft as talented member of the mighty Cradle Of Filth but she’s also been working on her solo materials for quite some time and finally released the debut album “Martyr” co-written by former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray. 

The gothic rock essence of “Saviour” is evident within the bittersweet melodic ensemble featuring lovely keyboards arrangements and soulful vocals while the guitar riffs steadily build a pleasant heavier rhythm. 

“Dangerous Game” presents a similar formula as darkened atmospheric layers lead to an emotive approach spiced up by the groovy guitar work and enriched by Lindsay’s soothing vocal harmonies. 

While keeping a smooth melodic guitar driven core “Stranger” holds a darkly romantic aura that is especially expressed by the charismatic detailed keyboards arrangements naturally crafting haunting atmospheres. 

Since the beginning “Into The Night” focuses on delightful piano melodies and luminous vocals that certainly enhance an emotional drive leading to a melancholic rhythmic crescendo surrounded by additional lavish atmospheric layers. 

“Blood From A Stone” constantly evokes sheer nostalgia with the minimalist approach of the poignant piano melodies that emphasizes the emotional allure of the sincere vocal performance. 

“See The Light” offers some intense heavier moments with faster crunchy rhythmic patterns surrounded by gothic tinged atmospheric nuances and the resulting darkened flair is further amplified by the massive ominous growls courtesy of Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris.  

“Where I Fall” has some romantic ballad style elements such as the soft acoustic guitars and the melancholic vocal delivery while keyboards successfully create a wistful atmospheric depth. 

“Martyr” is full of catchy gothic rock melodies and tasteful atmospheric accents so it’s definitely an accessible collection of songs that also allows Lindsay to fully showcase her skills and her personal musical taste. 


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