Sun Of The Sleepless & Cavernous Gate – Sun Of The Sleepless / Cavernous Gate

There are some insanely creative musicians in the burgeoning underground metal scene and it’s a pleasure to see Schwadorf of Empyrium, The Vision Bleak and Noekk join forces with Helrunar’s co-founder S.K. to craft the bewitching self-titled split album Sun Of The Sleepless / Cavernous Gate. 

“The Lure Of The Nyght” evokes an irresistible darkness as minimalist arpeggios introduce a blackened sonic realm filled with desolation and bleak emotions fully expressed by the fast diabolical rhythmic crescendo and ominous growls naturally entwined with the poetic slower acoustic melodies. 

Impeccable acoustic phrases emphasize the immersive nature of “To The Moon On Summer Eves” which also delivers an arcane blackened momentum through unrestrained guitar riffs while the melancholy infused melodic tapestries and the theatrical clean vocals inevitably lead to a compelling gloomy grandeur. 

The last track by Sun Of The Sleepless is “Kristall” which focuses on an enticing atmospheric beauty with minimalist acoustic melodies and soft vocals creating a darkly romantic mood. 

“Those Who Walk The Fog” definitely showcases the essential role of darkened essence in the new project Cavernous Gate as vicious growls march through the dense doom tinged guitar riffs and the consequent impetuous heavy rhythmic patterns yet there are many melodic moments featuring exquisite melancholic tonalities. 

With eloquent mournful vibes “Amongst Decayed Grass” relies on mighty guitar riffs executed in true funeral doom fashion and surrounded by aptly lugubrious atmospheric arrangements while the theatrical clean vocal delivery enhances the inner spiritual torment. 

“A Pale Shimmer In The Dark” opens the gate to the darkest sonic realm offering mysterious atmospheric textures and extremely sinister rhythmic progressions accompanied by arcane chants and enriched by brooding melodic guitars. 

Sun Of The Sleepless / Cavernous Gate split album could not sound darker or more poetic in fact the stylish music generated by this unique collaboration will fatally attract all black metal & doom acolytes and hopefully Schwadorf and S.K. will team up again in the future. 

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