Marko Hietala – Pyre Of The Black Heart

We all know Marko Hietala as long standing member of the extremely successful Finnish band Nightwish but now the time has come for Marko to explore different music territories and express his personal creativity on the debut solo album “Pyre Of The Black Heart”.

“Stones” begins with soft arpeggios leading to a warm melancholia swiftly followed by the subtle prog elements of the energetic rhythmic section yet the multilayered orchestrations will maintain the main folkish melodic essence. 

“Dead God’s Son” aims to express somber emotions through heartfelt vocals and soothing guitar melodies but while the majority of the song follows a mellow rhythm there are occasional heavier moments built by raw riffage. 

“For You” offers a glowing mixture of lavish atmospheric arrangements and nostalgia infused harmonies creating a slightly darker introspective mood enhanced by the particularly passionate vocal delivery and the delightful melodic guitar leads. 

“I Am The Way” couldn’t sound more melancholic with comforting piano melodies in contrast with the modern flair of the synths and the occasional heavy guitar riffs yet the vocals and the whole instrumentation tend to maintain a shimmering melodic spirit throughout the song. 

“Death March For Freedom” focuses on a darkened groovy approach with the intriguing multifaceted keyboards and the sharp prog oriented guitar work following diverse rhythmic segments and ultimately leading to a catchy big chorus. 

The final track “Truth Shall Set You Free” is destined to move the listeners depicting a peaceful soundscape with evocative arpeggios, luminous violin melodies and understated atmospheric beauty that perfectly accompany the deeply emotional vocal harmonies. 

Listening to “Pyre Of The Black Heart” it becomes evident that Marko is not following a precise music direction as all these songs showcase various influences and such spontaneous songwriting approach will certainly surprise the audience.  

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