Deathwhite – Grave Image

Dark metal collective Deathwhite has chosen to remain anonymous so far nevertheless the sophomore full length “Grave Image” is destined to reach a wider audience with compelling melodic textures and a profound sense of despair. 

“Funeral Ground” focuses on cold guitar tonalities to express dismal emotions through delicate harmonies and heavier doom tinged riffage accompanied by a soulful vocal delivery that enhances the extremely somber mood. 

On “In Eclipse” the rhythmic section diligently builds memorable grooves with sharp bass lines and catchy guitar riffs again evidently inspired by classic doom nuances and the mood feels quite emotional and nostalgic especially due to the presence of calmer guitar melodies. 

The title track marks another memorable moment depicting a dreamy melancholic sonic realm with passionate vocals and a wide range of refined guitar progressions that shift from gentle melodies to charismatic yet absolutely sorrowful leads. 

The bold guitar driven grooves on “Among Us” sound really catchy but also manage to maintain a darkened sense of desolation that is further emphasized by the graceful vocal harmonies and the scattered ethereal arpeggios. 

“Plague Of Virtue” follows a similar groovy pathway as guitars continue to hold a major role in the creation of a heavier momentum skillfully blending melo-death and doom elements that will ultimately embrace the accessible melodic essence of the catchy chorus. 

The fascinating final track “Return To Silence” might feel darker and utterly bleak with loads of elegant often heartwrenching melodies that will inevitably move the listeners yet there is still a fair dosage of engaging heavier rhythmic dynamics. 

Driven by sincere emotions and melodic gloom Deathwhite successfully evoke an  overwhelming melancholia throughout “Grave Image” which feels so comforting during these cold winter nights. 


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