Not My God – Not My God

Renowned musicians Tim Sköld and Nero Bellum have started an intriguing artistic collaboration with the new project Not My God and the eponymous debut album features a darkly experimental electro/industrial approach. 

“Fiction” was released as first single and in fact perfectly represents the darkened atmospheric composition that is a key element of the whole album and the vocals seem to float through the dense darkened electro layers like hallucination induced voices in your head.  

“Until The Pain Is Gone” belongs to a monochromatic sonic realm carefully built by multilayered electronic tapestries that in the memorable chorus evolve into industrial oriented rhythmic bursts.

“Snowing Discord” flows like a distorted daydream and sounds like a dark lullaby as some glowing melodic keyboards are added to the main blurry atmospheric layers accompanied by a bittersweet laid back vocal delivery. 

“Birthright” has a stronger rhythmic core with heavier and increasingly darker industrial elements that are particularly amplified by the subtle groovy chorus and naturally embrace the dancey electro beats. 

“Nevermore” could induce a trance like state with an addictive electro rampage that relies on a wide array of wild distorted sounds and trippy rhythmic variations, an ideal backbone for the intense grim vocals. 

“Right Now” manifests some cool post-apocalyptic vibes as the moody electro arrangements successfully keep a constant darkly fervent rhythmic ensemble that ultimately leads to dystopian industrial grooves. 

“Cold Black” matches the title as the gelid atmosphere is characterized by a tenebrous flair that generates loads of creepy sounds following a perennial gloomy rhythm and vocals seem to lurk in the dark.  

This is just the beginning for Not My God but both Tim Sköld and Nero Bellum are experienced artists in the underground industrial scene so it’s not surprising to see that this debut album already showcases a vibrant creative force generating a murky & catchy collection of songs. 


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