Seven Spires – Emerald Seas

American quartet Seven Spires takes it to the next level with the ambitious sophomore album “Emerald Seas” which features a theatrical fantasy inspired concept and fascinating symphonic metal soundscapes. 

“Ghost Of A Dream” relies on a refined melodic approach with delightful guitar phrases that will ultimately lead to glamorous soloing and dazzling vocals surrounded by detailed symphonic arrangements that definitely highlight the epic aspects. 

“Every Crest” delivers powerful groovy rhythmic dynamics with a significant heavier momentum and even some vicious growls yet the melodic soul feels once again rather dominant as the passionate vocal harmonies and the vibrant guitar work naturally flow through the elegant symphonic tapestries.  

“Drowner Of Worlds” sounds a bit different and is destined to become a favorite track as the darker mood is deeply emphasized by the gothic flair of the solemn atmospheric arrangements, the decadent piano melodies and the intense blackened growls plus the rhythmic patterns confidently build faster borderline ominous grooves. 

“Silvery Moon” follows a ballad style as the mellow piano melodies and the subtle atmospheric layers become essential accompanied by a particularly charismatic & heartfelt vocal delivery and enriched by some polished guitar licks. 

“Fearless” returns to a heavier darkened instrumental ensemble so guitars acquire crunchy tonalities and the sinister growls emphasize the blackened nuances while a fragile melodic essence emerges through the gothic sonic realm with understated symphonic arrangements and soft vocal harmonies. 

“The Trouble With Eternal Life” is full of triumphant power metal inspired grooves spiced up by fancy guitar soloing and sophisticated symphonic textures that constantly embellish the soothing melodies and perfectly complement the charming vocals. 

Seven Spires definitely showcase their talented musicianship throughout the album and “Emerald Seas” holds the necessary enthusiasm and catchy vibes to get on your radar especially if you’re a lover of symphonic metal. 

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