Necrowretch – The Ones From Hell

French blackened death metal masters Necrowretch arise from the hellish underground scene to follow new musical pathways and to craft the latest diabolical offering “The Ones From Hell”. 

“Pure Hellfire” begins with the enigmatic beauty of minimalist arpeggios but this apparent sense of tranquillity will fade away as soon as the sharp guitar riffs and the violent drumming take the spotlight dragging you through a fast unrestrained rhythmic maze. 

“Luciferian Sovranity” immediately unleashes an asphyxiating super fast rhythmic section confidently showcasing the primal blackened roots while the insane screams and the venomous leads inevitably amplify the ominous soundscape. 

The title track at times might sound slower with the subtle melodic approach of the guitar work in the midst of an obscure atmosphere but certainly doesn’t lose the classic black metal approach. 

The mysterious atmosphere of “Codex Obscuritas” opens the gate to the darkest realm and the mournful guitar tonalities lead to compelling melodic waves, hypnotic leads and doom tinged riffage while the tormented growls continues to emerge from the abyss. 

“Through The Black Abyss” offers a soothing desolate acoustic moment and later continues to blend darkened melodic progressions and lethal rhythmic blasts resulting in a wicked instrumental ensemble surrounded by a murky atmosphere. 

Drenched in darkness & blasphemy “The Ones From Hell” hits you in the face with chaotic blackened grooves but Necrowretch is also willing to embrace arcane atmospheres & melodies ensuring a higher degree of diversity. 

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