Nicumo – Inertia

Finnish band Nicumo spreads immense melancholy through the Nordic melodic soundscapes of the third full length “Inertia”. 

On “Three Pyres” the cold guitar tonalities and the passionate clean vocals immediately evoke grave feelings also enhanced by the understated atmospheric accents yet the robust guitar riffs generate an energetic momentum that highlights heavier melo-death influences. 

You can easily recognize a familiar Finnish metal style throughout “Dark Rivers” as guitars effortlessly shift from polished melodic phrases to galloping riffs maintaining a well balanced catchy rhythmic ensemble while the growls certainly amplify the darker vibes. 

“Mother And The Snake” begins with a perfect dosage of heartfelt vocal harmonies and sorrowful guitar melodies that will eventually give way to cohesive rounds of super groovy guitar riffs following a faster rhythmic rampage. 

Surrounded by an understated darkened atmosphere, “Time Won’t Heal” focuses on an emotive approach that intensifies the bittersweet melodic guitar progressions and the resulting profound melancholia is further enhanced by the soothing clean vocal delivery. 

The elegant nostalgic realm of “Black Wolf” relies on charming rounds of wistful arpeggios expressing forlorn feelings yet at times the rhythmic section will acquire enough speed and primal energy to deliver some significantly heavier dynamics. 

Undoubtedly “Inertia” feels like a lovely collection of catchy songs as Nicumo creates an alluring gothic tinged melodic ensemble that allows them to express a genuine emotional turmoil. 

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