Katatonia – City Burials

We were certainly concerned when Swedish masters of melancholy Katatonia announced a sudden hiatus therefore the new album “City Burial” is undoubtedly a highly anticipated release and the stunning result of a constant sonic evolution destined to immediately spellbind all the faithful acolytes. 

“Heart Set To Divide” focuses on an overwhelming melancholia so Jonas Renkse’s heartfelt vocals rightfully steal the spotlight flourishing through the fragile atmospheric tapestries while guitars meticulously concoct rich melodic progressions that generate catchy rhythmic crescendos and fancy phrases. 

On “Behind The Blood” you can perceive bleak feelings but guitars swiftly build a super groovy energetic momentum emphasizing a memorable rocker style with galloping chunky riffs and explosive leads that gradually evolve into a brilliant shredding galore. 

“Vanishers” feels distant from the band’s heavy doom roots as the synths become very dominant to highlight the introspective depth and the cold melodic guitars surrounding a fascinating ethereal duet featuring guest vocalist Anni Bernhard. 

The gloomy splendor of “City Glaciers” relies on slow burning guitar melodies and gelid tonalities that embrace the poignant vocal delivery but will eventually shift to a harmonious yet absolutely groovy ensemble during the chorus. 

“Flicker” offers an elaborate blend of sinuous atmospheric waves and dreamy melodic guitars that naturally enhance the contemplative essence yet the fiery rhythmic section often dictates heavier monumental grooves. 

“Untrodden” continues to maintain a delicious brooding melodic approach with shimmering atmospheric layers and soothing guitar harmonies while the extensive soaring guitar solo brings an overdose of groovy rock magnitude that will captivate the listeners. 

Everything you love about Katatonia’s music is right here on “City Burials” which is a simply addictive opus as the band’s outpouring charisma is evident within the intricate gloomy soundscapes which constantly express authentic emotions. 

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