Vader – Solitude In Madness

Polish death metal icons Vader have been around for 37 years and are ready to begin a new chapter in their long successful history with the release of the 16th studio album “Solitude In Madness” which definitely proves that they have no intention to stop delivering merciless grooves. 

“Shock And Awe” announces an imminent destruction with the fast unrestrained march of the rhythmic section and through these massive bursts of fury the lead guitars effortlessly add variety with some charismatic licks. 

“Incineration Of The Gods” begins with precise drum blasts and the rhythm gradually acquires more speed and malevolent vibes amplified by the venomous screams and the sharp guitar riffs that will give way to a satisfying fancy solo.  

The obscure mood of “Sanctification Denied” is fueled by a consistent series of visceral rhythmic dynamics and the ominous guitar tones are bound to make an impact delivering fiery riffage and skillful shredding. 

“Emptiness” certainly maintains a robust rhythmic rampage with all the moshpit friendly riffs but the lead guitar work is destined to steal the spotlight crafting majestic shredding and alluring darkened melodic phrases.  

“Final Declaration” goes straight to a ferocious rhythmic assault based on an old school death metal formula in fact guitars are always ready to induce instant headbanging with energetic riffs and masterful soloing. 

The mid-tempo rhythm of “Bones” still favors crushing guitar driven grooves accompanied by the absolutely menacing vocal delivery but this is not just a chaotic sonic realm as the lead guitar work has the capacity to diversify the main patterns with sophisticated melodic progressions. 

Those already familiar with Vader’s extensive discography will be pleased to see that “Solitude In Madness” stays true to the band’s legendary death metal legacy providing the expected generous dosage of ruthless dynamics. 

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