Elder – Omens

Progressive stoner metal band Elder aims to push boundaries confidently developing an intricate sonic vision on the brand new eclectic album “Omens”. 

The title track promises to be a wild ride as the kaleidoscopic synths channel major psychedelic vibes that will continue to enrich the atmospheric depth lingering through the multifaceted rhythmic ensemble while guitars skillfully shift from magical harmonies to heavier & wilder riffage showcasing an inflamed prog approach. 

There is a ravishing melancholy at the center of “Halcyon” consequently guitars tend to focus on the creation of eloquent melodies flowing freely like blurry dreams accompanied by ethereal atmospheric textures yet an energetic momentum will generate loads of fiery psychedelic stoner dynamics. 

“Embers” immediately delivers a groovy rhythmic section keeping alive the band’s stoner metal roots while the addition of detailed synths arrangements successfully craft a polychromatic sonic palette around the convoluted guitar progressions that continue to blend technical prog accents and shimmering melodies as the whole instrumentation engage in a spacey jam session. 

The extremely complex composition that generates the shapeshifting soundscapes of “Omens” proves that Elder are fully embracing an audacious sonic evolution that still retains a stoner metal spirit but certainly enhances a cerebral prog approach. 

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