Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still

New Zealand-based death metal trio Ulcerate returns with the monumental sixth full length “Stare Into Death And Be Still” which aims to captivate the listeners with a meticulous harsh composition and overwhelming grim emotions. 

Since the very beginning “The Lifeless Advance” reveals the dark soul of the whole album as the bleak atmosphere puts the spotlight on the melodic twists of the guitar work before entering a chaotic sonic realm fueled by the precise drum blasts, the dissonant riffs and the ominous energy of the imposing growls. 

“Exhale The Ash” stands out for the charismatic grooves which offer a balanced mix of disharmonic progressions and gelid melodic nuances but still emphasizes the presence of brutal death metal dynamics as well as the cerebral songwriting approach.  

The strength of the title track comes from the impressive guitar work that constantly unravels unpredictable rhythmic patterns generating some massive spiteful grooves in contrast with the contemplative momentum carefully built by the recurring haunting melodic motifs.  

The harrowing tonalities of “Inversion” foreshadow a darkly enigmatic essence that fully comes to life through an obscure rhythmic maze featuring venomous guitar riffs and hostile drumming yet you can definitely perceive the refined melodic flair within the complex progressions. 

The tempo slows down as “Dissolved Orders” highlights the dramatic depth with gorgeous undulating melodies flowing through an increasingly desolate atmosphere that once again intensifies the majestic guitars which can effortlessly craft opulent melancholia infused phrases and inflamed technical riffage. 

Undoubtedly listening to “Stare Into Death And Be Still” you will immediately notice how Ulcerate showcase a truly skillful musicianship and while the aggressive death metal roots are often quite evident they manage to keep everything more intriguing with a cathartic darkened melodic blend that ultimately manifests their unique sonic identity. 

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