Göden – Beyond Darkness

Winter co-mastermind Stephen Flam returns with the long awaited spiritual successor Göden joined by vocalist Vas Kallas and keyboardist/narrator Tony Pinnisi to embark on a truly enthralling ominous journey on the magnificent debut release “Beyond Darkness”. 

The mysterious aura of “Glowing Red Sun” introduces a monolithic doom essence that evokes a perennial gloom with the insane weight of the guitar riffs and the decadent rhythmic crescendos enriched by trascendental atmospheric arrangements. 

“Twilight” relies on a crushing doom momentum and the consequent mournful rhythm is further enhanced by arcane growls and eerie atmospheric waves while the cold guitar tonalities will reach the acme with intense melodic licks. 

On “Genesis Rise” the heavy doom guitar riffs take the center stage to maintain an endless enigmatic darkness and build mesmerizing rhythmic crescendos around Vas’s sinister vocal performance.

You could never escape the imposing darkness expressed by the brooding guitar progressions of “Dark Nebula” while the spectral tones of the elaborate keyboards layers craft dramatic tapestries and amplify the cosmic energy. 

On “I Am Immortal” the harsh growls and the imposing guitar riffs create a cohesive doom metal foundation while the otherworldly atmospheric textures during the slower mystifying moments can effortlessly evoke a massive esoteric essence. 

Drenched in darkness “Night” has an eloquent mystical flair drawing energy from a primal nocturnal force that never fails to emphasize the doom dynamics generating an overload of harrowing instrumental progressions in the midst of cryptic atmospheres.

“Winter” closes the album showcasing a dramatically heavier doom approach that once again highlights the role of the colossal guitar riffs and the harrowing tonalities accompanied by the bewitching power of the vocals. 

The haunting narrative interludes and the stunning composition of “Beyond Darkness” generates a stellar theatrical opus and as an impenetrable darkness descends you will inevitably get lost within the hypnotizing rhythmic maze meticulously created by Göden. 

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