Sinisthra – The Broad And Beaten Way

Featuring Amorphis charismatic vocalist Tomi Joutsen, Sinisthra makes a triumphant comeback 15 years after the debut release with the majestic melancholic soundscapes of the new album “The Broad And Beaten Way”.

Since the beginning “Eterne” evokes a pleasant somber mood perfectly expressed by Tomi’s heartfelt vocal performance accompanied by an enthralling combo of groovy guitar riffs and cold atmospheric arrangements that enhance the accessible melodic formula. 

The lengthy and complex track “Closely Guarded Distance” incorporates all the album’s key elements as the perennial melancholia deeply influences the guitar work which effortlessly shifts from intense rhythmic crescendos to glowing harmonies surrounded by epic atmospheric layers that eventually lead to a poignant contemplative moment focusing on an elegant piano piece and heart wrenching vocals.   

“Halfway To Somewhere Else” focuses on a mellow melodic splendor that highlights the role of the impeccable guitar progressions ranging from luminous tonalities to increasingly darker phrases and the enchanting emotive themes surrounding Tomi’s sublime vocals.  

Evoking a fascinating melancholia “Safe In The Arms Of Everlasting Now” offers a soothing instrumental ensemble mainly focused on gorgeous minimalist melodic passages that ultimately put the spotlight on the genuine emotional vocal delivery. 

With “The Broad And Beaten Way” Sinisthra proudly presents a passionate & intricate songwriting style constantly channeling a beloved Nordic melancholia that is destined to conquer the audience. 

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