Alkymist – Sanctuary

Danish progressive doom metal band Alkymist is still a new name in the underground scene but the sophomore release “Sanctuary” has the potential to attract more listeners with a darkly immersive approach. 

The dreadful atmosphere of “Oethon” creates an extremely darkened soundscape as guitars can easily unleash monolithic riffage enhanced by harsh growls in contrast with the dreamy melodic phrases that lead to dramatically slower brooding moments. 

On “The Dead” you will find plenty of thrilling heavy doom rhythmic patterns certainly amplified by the ferocious vocal delivery yet the nocturnal nuances and the bewitching guitar melodies will lead to brief contemplative moments. 

The visionary track “Desolated Sky” shines for the enticing melancholia expressed by the haunting guitar melodies and the dramatic vocal delivery flowing gently through hypnotizing atmospheric tapestries that will often embrace abrasive rhythmic blasts keeping a major grave doom essence. 

Just like the title suggests “Astral Haze” holds a strong psychedelic cosmic energy within the spacey atmospheric arrangements while the mighty guitar work is always ready to craft mournful doom riffs that become inevitably entwined with shimmering melodic progressions. 

With “Sanctuary” Alkymist invite you to join them on a spiritual sonic journey that confidently combines crushing doom dynamics and magical melodies.  

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