Dessiderium – Shadow Burn

Dessiderium is the personal creative outlet for Alex Haddad of Arkaik and Nullingroots and the new album “Shadow Burn” manifests an explosive blend of progressive and extreme metal. 

The title track immediately showcases strong blackened roots as the abrasive guitar riffs and the spiteful growls diligently follow a merciless rhythmic pathway that could leave you breathless yet such savage core is often embellished by elegant atmospheric tapestries. 

On “Soul Bursting” gentle piano harmonies introduce a series of elaborate rhythmic patterns that clearly channel massive extreme metal roots with vicious riffage and menacing growls yet a glowing melodic soul always emerges through soothing guitar harmonies and understated atmospheric arrangements.  

The prog dynamics flourish throughout the bold rhythmic rampage of “Cosmic Limbs” leading to charismatic guitar progressions and flamboyant soloing yet the technical death metal influences are still crucial generating faster aggressive segments. 

“Sage In Yearning” still relies on a heavy belligerent rhythm that just seems unstoppable with unrestrained drum blasts and fiery riffage while the luminous atmospheric arrangements evoke a distant dreamy world. 

“God’s Throat” has a technical edgy approach as guitars alway deliver frenetic riffs but also tend to generate unexpected rhythmic twists and gloomy melodic phrases within the rich and variegated atmospheric ensemble. 

“Shadow Burn” can certainly unleash an inflamed sonic assault with breakneck speed, proggy elements and hostile grooves yet Alex aims to show also his genuine emotions that render the whole album quite interesting and enjoyable. 

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