Enuff Z’nuff – Brainwashed Generation

Centered around founding member Chip Z’nuff, iconic rock ‘n roll band Enuff Z’nuff adds the new album “Brainwashed Generation” to their extensive bombastic discography. 

“Fatal Distraction” delivers smooth groovy dynamics with tight guitar riffs entwined with soothing melodic passages leading to a radio friendly chorus that also expresses some bittersweet feelings. 

The steady rock grooves of “I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is” are further amplified by the gritty guitar tonalities and the whole instrumental ensemble certainly follows a classic hard rock pathway that reaches the acme with a vibrant sing along chorus. 

Featuring special guest Mike Portnoy, “It’s All In Vain” is filled with nostalgic vibes as the soothing guitar melodies, the charming leads and the vintage flair of the keyboards flow like a dream following a slower tempo. 

On “Drugland Weekend” guitars have a powerful raw sound so the authentic rock spirit feels very alive, enhanced also by Chip’s true rocker style vocals, and the resulting irresistible rhythmic patterns instantly make you feel good. 

“Go…” showcases a balanced blend of slick rock guitar riffs and subtle melancholic feelings that become more evident during the laid back rhythmic passages and the widely accessible passionate chorus.  

“Winding Road” returns to a highly energetic rhythmic rampage in fact guitars acquire a vivid rock essence focusing on the creation of addictive grooves and the wilder solo can easily steal the spotlight. 

Certainly Enuff Z’nuff still incarnate the authentic rock ‘n roll lifestyle in fact “Brainwashed Generation” keeps the crazy party going with loads of catchy tunes and aims to please the faithful fans but also conquer the heart of a new generation of rock lovers. 

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