Kamancello – Of Shadows

Featuring a collaboration between Kurdish kamanche (four-string Persian spike-fiddle) player Shahriyar Jamshidi and renowned cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne, Kamancello present the new album “Of Shadows” which was recorded live and all the pieces were improvised in one take. 

The mysterious vibes of “Beyond The Gate” flourish through the compelling rhythmic crescendos and it’s quite impressive to hear how the Kurdish kamanche and the cello can craft such elaborate dynamics.

The impeccable classical approach and the exotic tonalities of “To Mourn” can certainly express a somber emotional turmoil as the entwined heart wrenching melodic waves generate cathartic progressions. 

“Dance Of Shadows” seems to dwell within a limbo in between darkness & light as the opulent melodies create eclectic progressions that could not sound more poetic making you feel compelled to embark on a soul searching journey. 

The cinematic nature of “Towards The Inevitable” fully comes to life through the fascinating instrumental dialogues that this time often gain a majesting energetic momentum generating significantly darker rhythmic patterns and in the end you could easily get lost through the sublime bowed passages. 

Undoubtedly the artistic vision behind “Of Shadows” goes beyond standard music categories as with a remarkable musicianship Kamancello spontaneously create otherworldly soundscapes that can take you far away from the grim reality. 

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