Let Us Prey – Virtues Of The Vicious

Boston-based dark melodic power/thrash band Let Us Prey begins an adventurous music endeavor with the savage & groovy debut album “Virtues Of The Vicious”.

“Above The Vaulted Sky” doesn’t waste any time as the bold rhythmic section constantly channels explosive thrash metal vibes while the smooth guitar solo and the chorus hold a subtle melodic flair also enhanced by the versatile vocal delivery. 

The title track immediately unleashes a series of furious unrestrained rhythmic patterns that also highlight the eclectic guitar work shifting from merciless riffage to fancy intricate leads until everything slows down as a darkly elegant atmospheric momentum takes over.  

“In Suffering” begins with understated atmospheric layers that introduce a series of charismatic melodic guitar progressions in fact the rhythm here is less hostile emphasizing the passionate vocal performance and the somber feelings.  

Despite the mellow piano intro “Murder Thy Maker” reveals an aggressive approach as the inflamed rhythmic section follows a faster menacing tempo and guitars skillfully engage in sophisticated progressions and brilliant shredding.

The darkened essence of “The Cruel Creation Of Me” is fully expressed by the presence of ruthless growls and the haunting atmosphere which surrounds the fierce rhythmic dynamics and the excellent guitar leads. 

“And Hell That Followed With Me” closes the album with an elaborate composition blending a darkly alluring atmospheric ensemble and a massive series of vicious guitar driven grooves in contrast with the melodic soul of the mellow contemplative breakdown and the soothing vocal harmonies. 

Let Us Prey aim to keep things interesting throughout the debut release “Virtues Of The Vicious” as they tend to blend diverse metal subgenres in order to develop a personal sonic manifesto while maintaining a heavy & groovy mood. 

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