Osi And The Jupiter – Appalachia

Osi And The Jupiter features the enigmatic duo of Sean Kratz (vocals, guitars, synths) and Kakophonix (cello) and this time they have created a special EP entitled “Appalachia” which aims to take you to distant places through dreamy folk inspired soundscapes. 

“They Ride Through The Skies On Horse Drawn Chariots” evokes immense melancholy and constant yearning as the gorgeous intricate cello melodies will inevitably move the listeners flowing like a perfect daydream through the understated atmospheric waves.  

The enchanting dream continues on the title track which focuses on minimalist acoustic guitars and sublime cello phrases accompanied by sorrowful vocals and such intimate ensemble naturally evokes a perennial sense of nostalgia. 

The grandiose final track “The Binding Will Of Mountains” feels like a peaceful voyage through a pristine forest as the mysterious darkened atmosphere surrounds a magical blend of eloquent cello melodies and melancholic acoustic phrases that seem to speak directly to your soul embracing cathartic rhythmic crescendos and channeling subtle epic vibes. 

On “Appalachia” Osi And The Jupiter manifest a strong spiritual connection to the dense forested mountains of their homeland and invite you to join them on a mystical journey through this myth-laden region guided by spellbinding melodic tapestries. 

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