Rope Sect – The Great Flood

German newcomers Rope Sect are ready to manifest a darkly alluring artistic vision and catchy deathrock nuances on the debut album “The Great Flood”. 

The narrative intro of “Divide Et Impera” makes you feel like you’re about to enter a dystopian realm yet the groovy rhythmic patterns and the crunchy guitar riffs leading to a memorable chorus are destined to put a spell on you.  

Throughout “The Underground Paradise” you can perceive a sultry goth rock flair as guitars effortlessly deliver moody melodic phrases and explosive riffage instantly triggering stomping dynamics while the charismatic solo channels some classic heavy metal vibes. 

Darkness prevails on “Hiraeth” due to the extremely somber tonalities of the guitar work that will impress the listeners with a perfect combo of slightly blackened riffs and enticing nostalgic melodies accompanied by the heartfelt vocal delivery. 

“Flood Flower” continues to embrace a darkened pathway as guitars skillfully blend memorable riffs and hypnotizing melodic passages that emphasize the inner grim emotions and perfectly compliment the particularly passionate vocal performance which leads to a delightful chorus.  

The instrumental track “Non Serviemus” still dwells within a darkly bittersweet sonic realm but sounds significantly heavier due to the major old school heavy metal influence embedded within the chunky guitar riffs which effortlessly maintain a super groovy momentum enriched by the extensive vibrant solos. 

“Dilluvian Darkness” immediately evokes a profound melancholia through the comforting vocal harmonies, the bewitching gothic vibes and the glowing melodic phrases that naturally embrace a darkened sonic pathway amplified by the cathartic energy of the rhythmic crescendos. 

For now the music of Rope Sect might belong to a rarefied niche but “The Great Flood” definitely has the potential to conquer a wider audience eager to join a fascinating sonic journey through a world of gloom ‘n’ doom. 

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