Pain Of Salvation – Panther

Guided by mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw progressive metal masters Pain Of Salvation return with the new long awaited full length “Panther” which constantly showcases a meticulous songwriting approach that naturally unfolds a unique and charismatic sonic vision. 

“Accelerator” ensures an impactful beginning focusing on a wild blend of eclectic keyboards arrangements delivering futuristic textures and insanely intricate guitar progressions which portray an inner conflict certainly emphasized by the passionate vocal performance.

“Unfuture” begins with slow burning phrases that quickly evolve into a somber proggy ensemble where guitars can craft slower cathartic moments and easily generate unexpected rhythmic twists with a heavier approach that depicts a tormented soul. 

“Keen To A Fault” definitely goes beyond any expected prog metal blueprint as Daniel carefully chooses diverse rhythmic dynamics and tonalities to create a striking sonic realm that offers an impressive guitar work, rich atmospheric tapestries and peculiar tempo variations. 

On “Species” the mellow guitar passages accompanied by soulful vocals can take you far away yet the mood will ultimately grow darker as guitars embrace crestfallen tones as well as heavier moody progressions creating a series of captivating crescendos that effortlessly match the intensity and anguish within Daniel’s vocal performance.

“Icon” brings a magnificent closure relying on an elaborate instrumental ensemble featuring exquisite darkened nuances, especially vibrant within the exceptional guitar work, and a spellbinding mix of enigmatic electronic arrangements and glowing piano harmonies which never fails to emphasize the song’s fascinating introspective nature. As always, Daniel pours his heart out through a poignant vocal delivery which expresses a multitude of contrasting emotions flourishing through the convoluted passages.  

Pain Of Salvation continue to follow a fearless music pathway which today leads to “Panther”, a dazzling opus that has in store many surprises driven by a distinct creative spark which often highlights the band’s technical prowess and a genuine emotional turmoil destined to move and inspire the listeners. 

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