Katla – Allt þetta helvítis myrkur

Icelandic duo Katla brings to life a mesmerizing artistic vision through the opulent melancholic soundscapes of the sophomore release “Allt þetta helvítis myrkur”.

The immersive voyage begins with the darkened atmospheric soul of “Ást orðum ofar” as enigmatic distorted guitars and solemn vocals eventually evolve into gentle acoustic phrases. 

There are graceful melodic moments on “Villuljós” yet the mood is bound to become increasingly darker as the mournful doom inspiration thrives within the gelid rhythmic ensemble generating heavier riffage and anguished tonalities enriched by an eclectic guitar solo. 

“Sálarsvefn” is drenched in darkness as the intricate synths layers create an arcane atmospheric grandeur and the consequent obscure vibes will naturally lead to a blackened momentum amplified by tormented growls and faster drumming. 

Listening to the title track you feel surrounded by cold winter winds as the cinematic nature is fully expressed by the convoluted atmospheric waves and the harmonious classical tapestries while guitars & vocals focus on an enthralling blend of melancholic phrases and doom elements. 

The complex lengthy track “Svartnætti” can feel like a beautiful daydream due to the peaceful acoustic melodies and the elegant piano yet the inner darkness will often emerge through the faster intense rhythmic crescendos and the harsh tones of the guitar work that lead to a majestic grand finale characterized by epic arrangements & choirs. 

The spiritual connection with the wintry Icelandic landscapes is palpable throughout “Allt þetta helvítis myrkur” as Katla confidently showcase a fascinating songwriting style and embark on a cathartic journey exploring the depths of human emotions. 


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