Draconian – Under A Godless Veil

Masters of gothic doom metal Draconian invite you to enter a magical world of melancholia & poetry with the new long awaited release “Under A Godless Veil” which stays true to their fascinating legacy blending pure despair and haunting melodies. 

The sophisticated atmospheric arrangements on “Sorrow Of Sophia” create a darkly alluring dimension where the enchanting voice of Heike Langhans flows delicately while the guitar work and the tormented growls effortlessly convey the crestfallen essence of authentic gothic doom metal. 

On “The Sacrificial Flame” you can immediately feel the oppressing weight of the guitar riffs following a funereal march in proper doom fashion and certainly the vicious growls and the solemn narrative amplify the inner darkness in contrast with Heike’s ethereal vocal delivery. 

“Lustrous Heart” still relies on mournful doom nuances as the guitars are drenched in darkness yet fully embrace a lavish melodic splendor embellished by the sophisticated leads and the elegant vocals flourishing through the evocative atmosphere. 

The heart wrenching guitar melodies on “The Sethian” constantly enhance the classic gothic flair and the consequent gloomy feelings yet there is space for some heavier rhythmic patterns fueled by the solemn faster drumming and the anguished growls. 

Within the celestial atmospheric ensemble of “Claw Marks On The Throne” guitars stand out for the exquisite melodic phrases expressing an immense melancholia around the graceful vocals while the mesmerizing rhythmic crescendo is enriched by the eloquent solo. 

On the spellbinding final opus “Ascend Into Darkness” the intricate combo of understated atmospheric layers and darkly alluring guitar progressions impeccably creates a hypnotic desolate sonic realm where the contrasting vocals can fully convey poignant emotions.  

Undoubtedly Draconian continue to successfully keep alive a sumptuous gothic grandeur that is destined to move the listeners with the fragile beauty of the opulent soundscapes embodied by “Under A Godless Veil”. 

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