Aethereus – Leiden

Progressive technical death metal band Aethereus presents a thrilling modern sonic vision through the twisted soundscapes of the sophomore release “Leiden”.
An ominous atmosphere introduces the ravenous rhythmic assault of “Aberration” as the impressive guitar work delivers a relentless riffage but also focuses on refined melodies acquiring crystalline tonalities while the grand finale offers captivating orchestrations.
“Endless Cycle Of Rebirth” immediately unleashes brutal drum blasts dicatting a faster tempo, consequently guitars provide an overdose of extra heavy riffage ultimately leading to a slower refreshing breakdown featuring enticing jazzy influences.
“Shrouded In Kaleidoscopic Skin” begins with interesting dissonant phrases and might sound less menacing naturally evolving into striking guitar progressions and fancy soloing that definitely highlight the technical prowess while the outro surprises with a decadent combo of grand piano and violin melodies.
On “The Living Abyss” soothing piano and glowing guitar harmonies convey a profound dramatic depth destined to linger through the solemn atmospheric arrangements and the elaborate prog oriented rhythmic ensemble which will often acquire savage technical elements.
Throughout the majestic final track “Upon Infinite Seas” a theatrical darkened aura leads to immersive slower moments enriched by a compelling guitar solo and delicate arpeggios while the accurate rhythmic section inevitably manifests sheer brutality engaging in hostile convoluted dynamics amplified by ruthless growls.
“Leiden” noticeably relies on the consistent technical approach emphasizing the excellent musicianship yet Aethereus aim to go beyond the tech death metal realm with the addition of dazzling classical & symphonic aesthetics.

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