SOM – The Shape Of Everything

Doom pop collective SOM invites you on an immersive voyage through the evocative soundscapes of the brand new record “The Shape Of Everything”.
A graceful vocal delivery and glowing melodic progressions flow gently through the hazy atmospheric maze of “Moment” which often feels like a distant daydream occasionally spiced up by distorted crescendos.
“Animals” is destined to reach your soul with an overload of magical atmospheric arrangements and a quite catchy melodic ensemble that certainly relies on the soothing post-rock flair of the guitar work.
“Shape” continues to follow a minimalist rhythmic approach skillfully blending bright melodic aesthetics and heavier guitar riffs to convey a fascinating emotional depth further enhanced by the haunting vocals.
Within the misty atmosphere of “Heart Attack” guitars effortlessly shift from darkly groovy passages to melancholic slow burning harmonies that can easily make you space out.
As the title suggests “Son Of Winter” would be an ideal wintry soundtrack as the comforting nostalgia infused melodies and the otherworldly atmospheric layers create a cold dreamy sonic realm enriched by the subtle doom influences of the rhythmic section.
The music style of SOM might be hard to categorize but undoubtedly a delightful shoegaze inspiration contributes to the creation of the shimmering nuances and the introspective themes of “The Shape Of Everything”.

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