James LaBrie – Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Legendary vocalist of prog metal giants Dream Theater James LaBrie finally releases the new solo album “Beautiful Shade Of Grey” focusing on personal lyrical themes and refined melodic tapestries.
The album opener “Devil In Drag” relies on a glowing melodic combo of elegant acoustic phrases and elaborate synths arrangements leading to the passionate vocals of the catchy chorus especially impactful on the electric version included as bonus track.
The mellow melodic soul of “Give And Take” comes to life through the striking acoustic guitar work that perfectly complements James’s fervent vocal performance and captivates the listeners with the warm tonalities of the flawless solo.
“Sunset Ruin” embraces a melancholic ballad style as the gentle vocals flourish through the dreamy instrumental crescendos enriched by the classical beauty of the cello and the subtle atmospheric waves.
Evoking a sense of wistfulness, “Wildflower” continues to highlight an emotional depth as the delicate acoustic passages and the softer tempo emphasize the versatile vocal delivery.
On “What I Missed” the smooth piano piece conveys a dramatic mood while the precise rhythmic section has the chance to acquire energetic prog rock elements enhanced by the powerful vocals.
Featuring striking backing vocals by Theresa Thomason “Am I Right” easily expresses poignant feelings building a contemplative momentum through the eloquent guitar progressions and the final gripping melodic crescendo.
After two years in the making of “Beautiful Shade Of Grey” James LaBrie is joined by excellent musicians and chooses a luminous melodic approach revolving around his vocal prowess that will definitely please his longtime fans.

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