Strigoi – Viscera

Formed by mastermind Greg Mackintosh of legendary Paradise Lost, Strigoi continues an obscure music journey that today generates the pitchblack soundscapes of the sophomore release “Viscera”.
The unsettling atmosphere of “United in Viscera” naturally leads to lugubrious doom laden rhythmic patterns highlighting the excellent guitar work shifting from slower melodic accents to sophisticated leads.
“An Ocean of Blood” focuses on the visceral riffage and the bleak guitar tonalities to build a palpable rhythmic tension with a blackened inspiration inevitably enhanced by the guttural growls.
The solemn ominous intro of “Hollow” swiftly evolves into crushing grooves and while maintaining a classic doom approach the insane drum blasts ensure a faster blackened rhythmic structure.
“Bathed in a Black Sun” offers an intriguing blend of sinister guitar phrases and murky atmospheric waves while the wicked riffage consistently creates a series of harsh rhythmic crescendos.
The mood becomes quite dramatic on “Byzantine Tragedy” as guitars march fiercely and often acquire extra speed through a mournful atmospheric maze embellished by delicate chanting.
There is no hope and certainly there is no light within the mysterious atmospheric ensemble of “Iron Lung” as the heavy weight of the guitar riffs and the somber melodic lines constantly amplify a doom flair.
Throughout “Viscera” Strigoi meticulously shape a deeply darkened sonic vision crafting malevolent rhythmic patterns and evoking pure misery with an evident doom metal influence.

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