Domkraft – Sonic Moons

Swedish psych doom trio Domkraft drags you through a neverending intergalactic voyage with the monumental dirges of the fourth full-length “Sonic Moons”.
“Whispers” symbolizes a majestic opening as the crushing guitar riffs easily create a convoluted rhythmic spiral enriched by a multitude of psychedelic effects, hazy atmospheric layers and moody vocals.
“Slowburner” invites you to embark on a lysergic trip as the charismatic guitar work delivers the perfect dosage of wicked riffage with a touch of doom and the vocals become wild screams within a psychedelic atmospheric ensemble.
“Black Moon Rising” relies on the heavy weight of the gritty guitar riffs and monolithic drumming to generate intense quasi chaotic rhythmic patterns plus you can often perceive the presence of a spellbinding darker essence.
“The Big Chill” defies time & space as the raw energy of the robust guitar riffs feels absolutely dominant yet is destined to naturally evolve into languid melodic passages that will take you straight to an alternate reality.
From outer space Domkraft rises triumphantly to expand a bewitching musical manifesto blending towering heavy doom rock dynamics and hypnotic psychedelia throughout “Sonic Moons”.

Witch Ripper -The Flight After The Fall

Witch Ripper aim to grab your utmost attention telling a pulp science fiction story through the sludgy cosmic grooves of the sophomore record “The Flight After The Fall”.
“Enter the Loop” opens a portal to another dimension as the surreal atmospheric intro leads the way to magnetic guitar riffs and consequent crushing rhythmic dynamics but you can easily perceive an epic melodic spirit.
In the beginning “The Obsidian Forge” unravels eerie tonalities and gradually the monolithic rhythmic section will acquire strength & speed to build hostile grooves fueled by the unrestrained gritty riffage and enriched by a fancy guitar solo.
Listening to “Icarus Equation” you can appreciate the intricate songwriting as the band carefully blends hypnotizing melodic motifs and inflamed rhythmic patterns relying on the heavier sludge tones of the charismatic guitar work.
The lengthy final track “Everlasting in Retrograde Pt. I & II” embodies an intense musical journey often focusing on the nostalgic tonalities of the fascinating guitar melodies to create a deeply contemplative mood enhanced by the spacey atmospheric arrangements yet the colossal drumming can generate plenty of majestic grooves.
Certainly “The Flight After The Fall” is an ambitious work of music as Witch Ripper entertain the audience with shape shifting dynamics and massive sludge metal elements without sacrificing a soulful melodic essence.

Ruby The Hatchet – Fear Is A Cruel Master

American trailblazers Ruby The Hatchet aim to reach new levels pouring cosmic psych rock energy throughout the new record “Fear Is A Cruel Master”.
The band’s heavy rock roots are evident on “The Change” which relies on the raw energy of the sizzling guitar riffs to build powerful grooves definitely embellished by the vintage tonalities of the multilayered keyboards.
On “Primitive Man” guitars immediately engage in infectious riffage with irresistible fuzzy tones and often pick up speed to deliver a strong rhythmic rampage enhanced by the Hammond accents.
The haunting vocal duet is at the center of “1000 Years” which chooses a bittersweet melodic pathway bound to move the listeners emphasizing the warm guitar phrases while the keyboards and riffs still hold a strong psych rock essence.
The subtle atmospheric intro of “Soothsayer” naturally leads to memorable blazing rhythmic patterns as guitars showcase stoner rock vibes and once again the Hammond takes you back in time with a sensational retro flair.
“Amor Gravis” focuses on the unstoppable gritty guitar riffs and the consequent high octane grooves yet the softer hazy passages and the sultry vocals can easily evoke pure nostalgia.
Paying homage to the true spirit of rock ‘n roll, Ruby The Hatchet proudly show their abilities and passion delivering a successful combo of bold riffage and spacey harmonies throughout”Fear Is A Cruel Master”.

Besvärjelsen – Atlas

Emerging from the vast Dalarna forests, Swedish doom rockers Besvärjelsen manifest a magnetic sonic vision through the darkly alluring soundscapes of the latest full-length “Atlas”.
“The Cardinal Ride” marks an energetic beginning as the excellent guitar work spontaneously unleashes memorable riffs well supported by the groovy drums and the dazzling soloing reveals charming vintage nuances.
“Acheron” instantly channels a majestic doom rock force through significantly heavy obscure rhythmic patterns and slower bewitching progressions enriched by the grim guitar tonalities and the sultry vocal delivery.
“Clouds” constantly evokes pure melancholia as the haunting guitar phrases and the elegant atmospheric textures craft enticing melodic crescendos reaching the acme with an eloquent solo.
On “House Of The Burning Light” the galloping riffage naturally builds intense heavy rock dynamics spiced up by a subtle sinister flair and the striking vocals ultimately lead to an addictive chorus.
“Obscured By Darkness” aptly conveys nocturnal vibes through the magical atmospheric accents surrounding the spellbinding vocal harmonies while the soaring guitar riffs inevitably follow a monumental doomed pathway.
“Divided Ends” brings a grand finale with hypnotizing melodic tapestries and a wild rhythmic ensemble constantly fueled by the explosive drumming and ultimately leading to an extensive eclectic guitar solo.
Fueled by a mystical flair throughout the darkened world of “Atlas” Besvärjelsen confidently maintain an ideal balance between eerie melodic aesthetics and robust grooves destined to captivate the listeners.

Altareth – Blood

For Swedish stoner doom band Altareth the time has come to release the debut full length “Blood” characterized by darkened tonalities and an irresistible vintage flair.
The title track immediately manifests the album’s obscure essence as a dense arcane atmosphere surrounds the extremely heavy riffage and the gloomy melodic guitar leads well supported by the monumental drumming.
You can easily perceive a strong traditional doom influence on “Satan Hole” as the raw energy of the thick guitar riffs lead the way to a sinister yet quite catchy rhythmic ensemble that can acquire enigmatic trippy vibes during the slower passages.
The nocturnal nuances of “Moon” create a darkly mystical sonic realm where guitars effortlessly generate a groovy momentum with massive fuzzed-out riffage but also deliver soft dreamy melodic phrases accompanied by an aptly lunatic vocal delivery.
“Empty” often follows a painfully slow sludgy tempo so the mood becomes rather lugubrious as the heavy weight of the rhythmic section and the mournful slow-burning melodic guitars depict a world of desolation and misery.
Altareth proudly channel the timeless glory of 70s doom metal and heavy rock to craft a thoughtful mix of darkened soundscapes and monolithic guitar driven grooves throughout “Blood”.

Heavy Temple – Lupi Amoris

Philadelphia trio Heavy Temple begins a wild trip full of monumental grooves with a distinct darkened flair on the official debut album “Lupi Amoris”.
“A Desert Through The Trees” immediately manifests a fuzzy rock soul embellished by the sultry vocal delivery and the robust guitar riffs skillfully build intense grooves reaching the acme with an elaborate vibrant solo.
You can space out endlessly listening to “The Wolf” as the spacey guitar work creates a dense psychedelic atmosphere that will ultimately embrace a heavier momentum amplified by lugubrious doom tonalities.
On “The Maiden” the guitar progressions continue to convey trippy vibes with a delicious vintage essence while the rhythmic foundation gradually gains speed to generate monumental grooves enriched by explosive fuzzed out solos.
The fuzzy doom style of “Isabella” creates an obscure sonic realm as the monolithic riffage and the painfully slow rhythmic patterns become the dominant elements while the smooth bluesy tonalities and the extensive guitar solos naturally enrich the groovy dynamics flowing through the psychedelic atmospheric ensemble.
Throughout “Lupi Amoris” the mighty strength of the guitar riffs leads the way to a murky sonic maze with a taste for wilderness and spirituality as Heavy Temple confidently channel a cryptic doom laden force to captivate the audience.

Domkraft – Seeds

Swedish psych-/sludge/doom trio Domkraft focuses on the idea of emerging from the ruins to create something different within the striking hypnotic sonic realm of the third full length “Seeds”
The title track already showcases a diversified songwriting approach offering a majestic mix of mind-bending psychedelia and monolithic grooves enriched by thrilling guitar leads as the band effortlessly shifts from spacey passages reminiscing of a desert rock jam to super heavy rhythmic patterns evoking apocalyptic doom vibes.
Throughout “Perpetuator” guitars deliver an overdose of psychedelia infused slow burning progressions and the resulting enigmatic aura is enhanced by the tormented vocal delivery while the colossal rhythmic section often acquires speed to generate massive grooves characterized by a darkened doom inspiration.
On “Dawn Of Man” the intense psychedelic nuances surround the hazy vocals and the heavy weight of the unrestrained rhythmic section generates a groovy momentum while the guitar work takes the spotlight meticulously crafting bold riffs and wild solos.
“Audiodome” marks a grand finale with the fuzzy power of the wicked riffage and the consequent monumental rhythmic maze further emphasized by the extensive psych style of the inflamed guitar solo while the slower passages could easily induce a trancelike state due to the bewitching melodic phrases.
You will instantly appreciate the mighty grooves and the impressive creative force behind “Seeds” as Domkraft confidently channel multiple influences to create an irresistible sonic experience.

Zakk Sabbath – Vertigo

Making a Black Sabbath tribute album might not be considered an easy task but with the project Zakk Sabbath on the new release “Vertigo” legendary guitarist & vocalist Zakk Wylde aims to deliver a great sonic experience for all metal fans. 

The iconic track “Black Sabbath” effortlessly maintains the dark nuances of the original version and Zakk’s vocals successfully channel the ominous feelings that make this song simply addictive while the inflamed guitar solo brings an energetic blast. 

The spellbinding medley “Wasp / Behind the Wall of Sleep / N.I.B” feels particularly groovy as the majestic guitar licks, especially captivating during the solo of “N.I.B”, and the fiery rhythmic section successfully keep alive the classic doom essence. 

There’s another lengthy medley that will grab your attention immediately, “A Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning” which once again shows that Zakk Sabbath have the ability to evoke the spirit of the original tracks as the whole instrumentation acquires the perfect darkened tonalities and the extensive thrilling guitar solos certainly cannot go unnoticed. 

Those who had the chance to see Zakk Sabbath live on stage know what to expect and “Vertigo” feels like the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath with devotion and enthusiasm.