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Gaahls WYRD – GastiR – Ghosts Invited

Renowned prolific black metal vocalist & composer Gaahl has created the new anticipated debut album “GastiR - Ghosts Invited” under ...
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606502 - Edited

Numenorean – Adore

Canadian post black metallers Numenorean worked hard for three years to craft the sophomore album “Adore” which has the potential ...
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Gold – Why Aren’t you Laughing?

It’s not easy to categorize the music style of Dutch band Gold but their eclectic creative force is very clear ...
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Darkthrone – Old Star

Norwegian legends Darkthrone return with the brand new album “Old Star” which this time unleashes a savage series of guitar ...
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Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest

Norwegian band Kampfar has been around for twenty five years crafting intense extreme metal music and after taking some time ...
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Latitudes – Part Island

UK-based post-metal outfit Latitudes invites you to join an immersive music journey within the gorgeous melancholia infused melodic grandeur of ...
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The Damned Things – High Crimes

The music journey of the supergroup The Damned Things begins nine years ago when Scott Ian of legendary Anthrax started ...
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Blood Ceremony Live at Chicago Doomed And Stoned Festival

Canadian occult rockers Blood Ceremony haven’t toured in the United States since some years so the fans were eager to ...
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Death Angel – Humanicide

We all notice how strong the thrash metal legacy still feels today and one of the reasons can be found ...
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Belphegor Live in Chicago – Devastation On The Nation Tour

Austrian extreme metal veterans Belphegor continue to celebrate the successful latest release “Totenritual” this time embarking on the massive Devastation ...
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Dark Funeral Live in Chicago – Devastation On The Nation Tour

The Swedish ineffable kings of black metal Dark Funeral are currently touring in North America on the infamous Devastation On ...
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Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion - Artwork

Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion

It took three decades but death metal masters Possessed are finally back with the new merciless full length “Revelations Of ...
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Crowhurst – III

Crowhurst is the strictly experimental project of prolific artist Jay Gambit that deliberately aims to incorporate eclectic music styles and ...
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Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno

Italian masters of orchestral death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse have worked meticulously to perfect their grandiose music vision which fully comes ...
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October Tide – In Splendor Below

Swedish melodic death/doom metallers October Tide, featuring former Katatonia members Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, are ready to share with the ...
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Helheim – Rignir

Pioneers of Norwegian Viking metal Helheim have been proudly representing their Norse heritage through music and lyrics for over two ...
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Enforcer – Zenith

Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer took longer than usual to create with total freedom the big & loud new album ...
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Hedonihil – I

Hedonihil is a new thrilling project featuring the talent of Juuso Raatikainen, Mikko Kotamäki and Juho Räihä of beloved Finnish ...
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