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Kuoleman Galleria interview

Kuoleman Galleria is a black'n'roll band from Finland. Started back in 2012 as a one man project, turned in a ...
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Midnattsol Interview with Liv Kristine & Carmen Elise

While waiting for the new Midnattsol album "The Aftermath" to be released on May 25th via Napalm Records we had ...
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TYR Live at The Forge in Joliet

Check out the live action from Faroese folk metal band TYR show at The Forge in Joliet during their headlining ...
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Orphaned Land Live at The Forge in Joliet

Promoting the latest album "Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs" Orphaned Land return to North America and perform an unforgettable show ...
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Lychgate – The Contagion In Nine Steps

Following a multifaceted music pathway Lychgate has earned a solid status in the UK extreme metal scene and the latest ...
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Octopus – Supernatural Alliance

Could something really cool emerge from the spectral swamps of Detroit? Yes, it’s the psychedelic turbo rock band Octopus who ...
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Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

Rivers Of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name

This might be the strongest effort from this band. You can hear how much their composition has matured. This album ...
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Wolvhammer – The Monuments Of Ash & Bone

With a revamped lineup and renewed creative energy Wolvhammer emerge from the darkest depths of underground metal to deliver an ...
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Bruce Lamont – Broken Limbs Excite No Pity

Multi-instrumentalist Bruce Lamont is best known for his work with Yakuza, Corrections House and Brain Tentacles but now is releasing ...
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Amorphis – Queen Of Time

A new album by Finnish masters Amorphis is bound to generate curiosity and high expectations as during a successful thirty ...
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Ihsahn – Ámr

Legendary Emperor frontman Ihsahn has built a strong reputation as a solo artist and the new long awaited effort “Ámr” ...
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Spiders – Killer Machine

Swedish rockers Spiders are on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive with the latest effort “Killer Machine” so ...
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Crematory – Oblivion

With a twenty seven years career German gothic metal band Crematory has rightfully earned a solid status in the metal ...
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Spiritual Front - Amour Braque

Spiritual Front – Amour Braque

Led by mastermind Simone H. Salvatori Italian trio Spiritual Front returns with the first new work of music in eight ...
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