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Lost Society Interview

After almost 4 years since "Braindead" Lost Society has released a new single "No Absolution". The young Finnish band is ...
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Memoira interview

Memoira is a symphonic-progressive band from Finland. The band started back in 2001 with the name Serene after 6 years ...
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Children of Bodom interview

Children of Bodom has been on the scene over 20 years, their last album "Hexed" has been released last March ...
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Shiraz Lane Interview

The young Finnish rock band Shiraz Lane, after many years with Frontiers Records, has signed with the record label Ranka ...
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Lazy Bonez interview

LAZY BONEZ is a colorful mixture of artists from Finland, that plays melodic heavy metal. Their last album "Kiss of ...
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Batushka – Hospodi

The mysterious Polish band Batushka quickly conquered attention and critical acclaim within the underground metal scene therefore since the announcement ...
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TheNightTimeProject – Pale Season

Fredrik and Mattias Norrman are really prolific musicians, after spending fifteen years in Katatonia they are currently active in October ...
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Cattle Decapitation Live in Joliet

Now in its 13th year as a tour, The Summer Slaughter Tour at The Forge in Joliet featured Cattle Decapitation ...
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Valborg – Zentrum

German band Valborg has mastered a sophisticated primitivism which is definitely a peculiar music style that today leads to the ...
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Salem’s Bend – Supercluster

LA-based rock trio Salem’s Bend proves to know how to put together a delicious psychedelic stoner rock ensemble on the ...
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Haunt – If Icarus Could Fly

Haunt began as a solo project of Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church and on the sophomore release “If Icarus Could ...
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Diamond Head – The Coffin Train

Known as New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers Diamond Head have inspired countless bands and their explosive music journey ...
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Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice

In the underground metal scene Cleveland’s metallic hardcore band Ringworm is known for the ferocious music style that leads to ...
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Spirit Adrift – Divided By Darkness

Arizona based heavy metal outfit Spirit Adrift started as the solo project of multi instrumentalist Nathan Garrett and now has ...
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Arch / Matheos – Winter Ethereal

Progressive rock virtuosos John Arch and Jim Matheos, renowned for their work in Fates Warning, have joined forces under the ...
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Silver Snakes – Death And The Moon

As Los Angeles-based quartet Silver Snakes continues to evolve in order to develop a solid music identity that will impress ...
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