Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity

Italian one-man band Chiral has released an atmospheric post-black metal album entitled “Gazing Light Eternity”.

“Part I (The Gazer)” kicks off with subtle darkened atmosphere and soon gains ominous rhythmic momentum with steady soaring old school black metal elements but also showcases additional variety with calmer somber guitar melodies.

“Part II (The Haze)” leaves behind the typical black metal fury and crafts quiet melancholic arpeggios surrounded by soothing sorrowful atmospheric layers.

“Part V (The Gazer’s Throne)” showcases a gothic tinged emotional palette perfectly expressed in the minimalist yet quite soulful acoustic guitars and shoegaze oriented mood.

“Gazing Light Eternity” is a cohesive music effort with scattered creative moments and even if there are some raw asphyxiating soundscapes that channel familiar and successful black metal acts Chiral also creates elegant moody acoustic melodies.

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