Audrey Horne – Blackout

Norwegian rockers Audrey Horne are known to be highly influenced by ‘70s – ‘80s rock/metal and such stylistic choice certainly continues to be the main focus on the latest full length “Blackout” skillfully packed with all kinds of catchy tunes.

With loads of positive verve “This is War” has what it takes to represent the album as guitar riffs & melodies steal the spotlight crafting enthralling grooves bearing a sparkling 80’s rock/metal mood and leading to a rather catchy big chorus.

“Audrevolution” still relies on super catchy guitar dynamics and crunchy bass lines add extra groovy elements to the upbeat uncomplicated yet absolutely entertaining rhythmic patterns while the guitar solo carries dazzling melodic quality.

The title track focuses more on blending captivating twin guitar harmonies and fancy stylish solos that demand the listeners’ attention while the overall rhythmic section is filled of easy retro classic rock elements resulting in a widely accessible track.

With loads of moody guitar melodies “California” holds a subtle dose of nostalgia and the retro rock style deeply influences the whole instrumentation but guitars also showcase a wild metal edge especially in the vibrant solos.

The danceable synths on “Satellite” reveal that the vintage rock vibe becomes even more palpable here as a slower smooth funky rhythm takes the lead constantly embellished by charismatic guitar work that builds explosive riffage and enticing leads.

“Naysayer” favors a memorable NWOBHM approach where enthusiastic guitars inevitably take the center stage delivering steady sharp riffing, another round of massive twin guitar melodic work and polished compelling solos.

Channeling the undiluted energy of retro hard rock “Blackout” should be played loud to fully enjoy its inner explosive dynamics as Audrey Horne demonstrate to be quite passionate about those familiar vintage tonalities that will satisfy any classic rock/metal lover.

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