Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – The Age Of Absurdity

Everybody knows and appreciate the work of Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell so the new sensational band Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons featuring his sons Todd Campbell on guitar, Dane Campbell on drums, Tyla Campbell on bass, and vocalist Neil Starr is certainly destined to get a lot of attention with the upcoming debut album “The Age Of Absurdity”.

While old fashioned rock ‘n roll style is palpable on “Ringleader” this is not just a revival song as there is so much more to be enjoyed with addictive guitar driven grooves that also have a rebel metal attitude particularly evident in the explosive fancy guitar solos and the often frenetic rhythm.

“Skin And Bones” is filled with the perfect dosage of raw rock dynamics as all these deliciously groovy guitar riffs must be played loud to fully enjoy their vibrant energy and the compelling guitar solo skillfully embellishes the whole catchy rhythm.

Keeping alive a true rock legacy “Gipsy Kiss” is another super groovy track with an entertaining fast paced ensemble of guitar riffs that once again channel a versatile delightful rock mood with the help of crunchy bass lines and powerful drumming.

“Dark Days” will easily become a favorite with a lovely bluesy essence packed in each slow burning melody and Southern rock style harmonica while the main guitar riffs & solo flawlessly craft additional rock grooves bearing a subtle melancholy.

“Step Into The Fire” features another round of utterly entertaining upbeat rock grooves while lead guitars add extra powerful dynamics as well as flamboyant quality and the vocals certainly hold a proper wild rocker attitude.

“Into The Dark” becomes exquisitely melodic channeling a profound melancholy through refined guitar work and a rather brilliant solo as a significantly slower borderline ballad approach is enhanced by recurring bluesy harmonies and a more emotional vocal delivery.

Those who are looking for passionate hard rock will immediately fall in love with the outpouring rocker charisma of “The Age Of Absurdity” as Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons already have plenty of thrilling ideas and talented musicianship to craft exciting memorable songs.

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