White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive

White Wizzard’s fourth album “Infernal Overdrive” is an important release for the band as it marks the return of classic members, vocalist Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue,  resulting in a clearly renewed chemistry that fuels the enthusiastic creation of the classic rock/metal anthems on this album.

The title track does feel like a blast from the past with empowering guitar driven grooves that will satisfy any vintage metal lover as the band crafts cohesive thundering rhythmic dynamics that give lead guitars plenty of space to deliver flamboyant solos and enthralling melodic progressions.

“Storm The Shores” is an easy crowd pleaser as recognizable NWOBHM elements hold a particularly dominant role in the song’s structure with powerful crunchy guitar riffs & bass lines keeping a straight forward groove enriched by thrilling vocals and vibrant guitar solos.

“Chasing Dragons” has a versatile nature leaning towards nostalgia infused melodies elegantly crafted by traditional yet absolutely kaleidoscopic guitar work that here truly shines, often with fancy shredding, through multiple rhythmic segments while vocals performed in classic rock fashion acquire profound emotional quality.

Starting with soulful acoustic passages “Voyage Of The Wolf Raiders” immediately showcases a melancholic depth that will continue to return within several softer moments yet classic NWOBHM dynamics inevitably take the lead intensely influencing the groovy guitar riffing and solos which feel always quite entertaining being characterized by a fiery creative force.

“The Illusion’s Tears” feels like a fervent nostalgic power ballad as it is filled with stylish heartfelt guitar melodic progressions often displaying luminous polished tonalities as well as wilder prog variations surrounded by a rather somber atmosphere flawlessly matched by a sincerely emotional vocal delivery.

Undoubtedly White Wizzard stay true to a vintage music formula comprised of high pitch vocals and killer guitar work and “Infernal Overdrive” constantly draws inspiration from unforgettable ‘70s-‘80s rock/metal flavors showcasing authentic passion.

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