Forbidden Seasons – Promise

Italian metal band Forbidden Seasons is eager to make an impact in the music scene with the debut full length “Promise” which stays true to a trendy synths metalcore combo.

Opening the album “Atlantis” aims for a blast of pure distorted energy introduced by a shroud of futuristic atmospheres that will continue to emerge through the tight guitar riffs and bombastic rhythmic patterns mixed with a fair dosage of crispy melodic moments.

On “Thank You For The Venom” layers of atmospheric synths create a suspenseful mood before unleashing a metalcore style fury and continue to provide additional modern harmonies enhanced by a clear melancholic mood throughout the song.

“I’ve Seen The End In Your Eyes” starts with some serious stomping patterns as guitars and drums acquire faster dynamics but once again there is a prominent melodic vibe greatly amplified by softer contemplative guitar melodies in the final part of the song.

In the beginning “The Rejected” favors cold atmospheric synths that soon will give way to ravenous screams and intense guitar riffing further enriched by a clever combination of massive electro accents and emotional melodic textures.

The title track greatly amplifies the cinematic & futuristic aspects of Forbidden Seasons’ musical direction as synths hold a primary role crafting soothing harmonies as well as trendy electro accents while both instrumental passages and vocals maintain an emotionally charged melodic essence.

It would be farfetched to define “Promise” as a groundbreaking album but Forbidden Seasons is a young band willing to improve and acquire the necessary wisdom & experience to smooth the rough edges typical of a debut album and build a solid identity.

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