Mantar – The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze

The duo behind Mantar, guitarist/vocalist Hanno Klaenhardt and drummer Erinc Sakarya, worked hard to leave an indelible mark in the modern metal scene and the latest release “The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze” aims to spread further the band’s heavy signature style.

The guitar progressions on “Age Of The Absurd” are evidently inspired by multiple metal subgenres combining super harsh riffage and easier entertaining melodies while vocals sound like ravenous screams constantly channeling raw fury.

While “Seek + Forget” keeps a strong distorted angered mood with blackened hints the rhythm sections slow down a bit to enhance a dramatic melodic depth leading to mellow guitars within a grim pensive breakdown.

On “Taurus” a solid combo of venomous growls and infectious guitar riffs build extra darkened textures as the band aims to deliver a vicious rhythmic assault but also experiments with atmospheric arrangements.

“Obey The Obscene” stands out for the atmospheric impending doom that lingers through the frenetic maze of blackened grooves where guitars skillfully combine gritty riffage and grave melodies.

The sludge doom metal force behind “The Formation Of Night” leads to powerful harsh guitar driven grooves always enhanced by a spiteful vocal delivery and a massive rhythmic backbone that will eventually give way to sorrowful melodies and atmospheric despair.

“The Funeral” aptly takes on an atmospheric mournful approach that will influence the overall mood with scattered slower darkened moments and gloomy synths yet there are still loads of abrasive guitar riffs that generate explosive rhythmic sections.

Just like the title implies “The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze” is an incendiary effort that at the same time maintains a rebellious rock spirit and a brutal sonic approach, a successful pathway that Mantar passionately continues to follow inspired by the cleansing power of fire.


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