Vulcain – Vinyle

French veterans Vulcain return with the timeless hard rock style of the latest album “Vinyle” which, as you can imagine, is filled with no frills loud anthemic songs.

There are no surprises on the title track as the trio focuses on a solid series of gritty guitar riffs and consequent raw energy, a recipe that aims to keep old school hard rock alive.

Following a similar pathway “Héros” revolves around entertaining guitar riffs, wild rhythmic sections, roaring vocals and the inflamed guitar solo also bears the mark of classic hard rock.

The hard rock intensity of “Darling” ensures another bold round of killer guitar riffing and leads accompanied by aptly raucous vocals resulting in a highly energetic song.

“Décibels” slows down to deliver a borderline rock ballad melodic ensemble featuring acoustic phrases as guitars acquire calmer tonalities but still offer some groovy moments.

In proper seasoned rocker fashion the lead guitar work on “Contrôle” delights the listeners with fiery licks and shredding galore marching confidently throughout the song.

“Motör” is about having good time, partying with friends and headbanging to the traditional groovy rampage spontaneously built by tight galloping guitar riffs and powerful drumming.

Vulcain proudly carry the torch for ‘80s hard rock and “Vinyle” diligently follows the footsteps of legendary bands like Motorhead & AC/DC with genuine passion and an explosive instrumental work.

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